Why Print still packs a punch!

In a world where digital marketing is the go-to for most businesses, it's easy to forget the power of print and how it can create the impact you want with your customers.

Unlike digital marketing, which is generally viewed online, and can find your customers losing focus too easily, print is far more capable of holding the attention of your customer! Opening up a brochure or leaflet is much more of a physical commitment, and as such your customer feels more inclined to take time to consider your service/product.

As we know, print allows us the chance to disconnect from technology, by offering a much more tactile experience of handling and flicking through physically printed material. Communication through touch, known as haptic communication, can add a dynamic to the experience which digital simply can't offer!

People value the physical presence of printed material and their associations with it, making it a more preferable option for magazine and newspaper content in particular, as opposed to the alternative digital format publications on offer. Where digital media is more beneficial for quickly browsing and searching, print offers more of an experience for consuming content and your key message.

Having your own brochure or leaflet can be particularly effective as it is all about you. Whereas online, you’ll no doubt be competing with other adverts popping up. Print media also offers a lot of versatility and isn't limited to a screen like digital media is, which can limit your audience reach, as although most people are digital-savvy these days, there are still some who don't own digital devices, and therefore are unable to access your digital media. With print, there are so many options, you can not only market using paper – brochures, leaflets, business cards, flyers, etc – but almost anything can be printed on. Stickers, badges, magnets, mugs, and more, can help promote your brand in ways that digital media definitely can't. Print media can be placed almost anywhere, giving it a broader scope in everyday life.

Next time you make contact with your customers, or prospects, take time to consider whether professionally printed collateral would give you the impact you want?!

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