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Peveril Homes - Jacksdale Development

Peveril Homes are a local, East Midlands based developer, having a long track record of building great new homes and communities. They work closely with residents and businesses and have recently submitted plans for the first significant delivery of new homes in the area for the last 15-20 years..

We had the pleasure of working with Calcomms on another Peveril Homes development proposal by producing eye-catching yet informative leaflets for the residents in the area to find out more about the proposed development and provide their feedback and thoughts through an online form. To complete the project we also created a information portal / website to allow the residents to fill in the feedback questionnaire as well as see the proposal documents and 3D renders of how the new community would look.

Scan the QR Code to the right with your phone to go to the website and read more about the development and track the progress of the proposal.

"The Mutual Media team helped provide an incredibly high-quality design product, delivered in a timely and helpful manner. The team was always available to help work through the finer details of the project."
Jack Harbour