4 things your Creative Designer needs to know about Print Design!

Print is a complicated business. From choosing paper stock, to special finishes, formats, and binding options, there is a lot to think about. You may have a fantastic design, but there are a few things that every Creative will need to know when it comes to print design...

Getting your colour and images right - Colour accuracy and quality is the holy grail of every successful print project. When converting artwork to print it’s important to spend time converting all images to 4 colour (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black), or Pantone depending on your guidelines.

The final checks on all print jobs should include checking for any low-resolution images and RGB colours.

Look for an established printer that can manage and control the colour of your print to your exacting standards. This will ensure very high quality, and that the colour accuracy is powerful.

Getting your artwork right - If you don’t have access to a graphic design team, getting to grips with design software yourself maybe a bit of a challenge. After completing a design, getting the artwork set up, dealing with gradients, image and colour quality, as well as setting bleeds can be complicated.

It’s important to choose a printer with professional pre-press experience. This can be invaluable for many reasons, with the main being final artwork checks BEFORE going to print. Not only is this invaluable for new designers, but it also gives experienced design professionals peace of mind that everything will be checked thoroughly, helping to prevent any costly mistakes. Having direct access to the printer’s pre-press team will also allow you to check details with them and ask their advice on any difficult problems.

As well as having a fantastic in-house pre-press team, Mutual Media is also home to a modern proofing system which produces match prints on uncoated stock, to give a more accurate representation should you be using this stock. Customers have the opportunity to see a final, accurate proof before anything hits the presses.

Unsure of how long it takes to turn around a print job - One thing many people forget to confirm before placing a print order is turnaround times, this is often a crucial part of a job and delays can be costly in more ways than one.

When deciding on stock and finish it’s important to consider the added time needed to complete the job. Any additional finishes and special folds may add to the delivery time, so this needs to be factored in before you place a job, especially if you’re working to a strict project deadline.

Streamline your suppliers - Rather than using multiple suppliers to print different printed collateral (brochures, leaflets, large format graphics, stationery, business cards, etc.), and a separate mailing house to send your sales material out, look for one company that can offer a complete service. Having all of your print work done by one print company will ensure consistency of brand, and also will save you a great deal of time and money too.

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