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45 Denyer Street - Calcomms

Another Calcomms project delivered!

We were asked by Calcomms to design and develop an interactive website platform for their latest Sloane & Cadogan Project - 45 Denyer Street.

Sloane and Cadogan is an established family owned London based development company at the forefront in the design and construction of residential and commercial property in the Greater London Area.
Renowned for the successful development of heritage assets which improve and enhance the area by premium design and excellent quality build-out. Their sensitive and sympathetic approach to landscaping and integration with existing areas has earned them a reputation as property developers with flair and imagination.

This development intends to create four new high-quality residential units and increase the trading space for the café/restaurant which serves the local community. Furthermore we seek to extend the current residential dwelling at Denyer Street. As part of these plans we would seek to refurbish the exterior of the listed building. We would also restore the building to its former glory by removing the large sign that is currently on the corner of the building. We also seek to remove the current orange awnings and restore the ground floor to a level which highlights the buildings original design and appearance.

"High Quality Service - Would Recommend! Since working with Mutual Media in June 2020 they have consistently gone above and beyond with the various projects they have worked on. Their attention to detail and experienced members of staff ensure that their work is of a high standard and always delivered on time!"
Asa Mallon