Checklist before going to print…

Soon as you’re ready to move from the design phase to print, most printers require artwork to be supplied as a collected output from layout software such as Adobe InDesign, which will need to include screen and printer fonts. In some instances, we can print from a high-resolution PDF, and documents created in Microsoft Word […]

An exceptional eye for detail!

The distinct roles of graphic designers, web designers, and illustrators are obvious, however, the role of an “artworker” is a mystery to many, even those in the industry. While graphic designers are the creative force behind any design, it is the artworker who ensures that the design maintains its integrity and reaches its full potential […]

Why Print still packs a punch!

In a world where digital marketing is the go-to for most businesses, it’s easy to forget the power of print and how it can create the impact you want with your customers. Unlike digital marketing, which is generally viewed online, and can find your customers losing focus too easily, print is far more capable of […]

4 things your Creative Designer needs to know about Print Design!

Print is a complicated business. From choosing paper stock, to special finishes, formats, and binding options, there is a lot to think about. You may have a fantastic design, but there are a few things that every Creative will need to know when it comes to print design… Getting your colour and images right – […]

Choose the right paper stock for you

Choosing the right paper stock for you Choosing the right paper stock for your printed marketing is as important as the design itself. But with all of the stocks available, how do you know which one is right for you… Given that print is such a highly tactile medium, it all depends on the way […]

Less is more with minimalist business card designs!

Less is more with minimalist business card designs! The minimalist aesthetic is increasingly being seen in the graphic design world. So, tap into the trend and give your business card the edge by holding back a little and creating a simple yet pristine design. Why choose a minimalist design? The minimalist look carries a lot […]

Make every customer feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Make every customer feel like a kid on Christmas morning! If you sell anything online, you’ll be pretty handy with a roll of packing tape. But packaging is about more than just boxes and bubble wrap. With just a bit of extra effort, you can give your customers an unexpected smile, and make them feel […]


Deliverables Brochure Printing Brochure mailing fulfilment Tradewind Tradewind Voyages take guests on a voyage that connects them with the world and sea in all its forms. Delivering a maritime experience; sailing where other ships can’t. The team, both onboard and ashore work to the same values; to act as one team to ensure their guests’ […]


Delivarables Content & Presentation Design Literature Printing Website Development CalComms CalComms specialises in making great developments happen because they work with great, aspirational developers. By utilising a wide range of communication methods they look to make sure that everyone in a community has the chance to influence developments. Where did it all begin… Antony Calvert […]

Liquid Protection

Delivarables Branding Development Packaging Design Packaging Print Worldwide Fullfilment Liquid Protection LiquidNano™ is a global leader in using emerging nano-scale technologies to create protective coatings for many kinds of surfaces from mobile phone screens to car windshields to performance sportswear. Where did it all begin… We first met shane and andy in 2016…